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Setting up the LMS for you.


Setting up a new LMS can be overwhelming. Learning a new LMS, while simultaneously setting up your training program, is challenging at the best of times.

Thinking Cap's onboarding team takes the guesswork out of the setup, handling tasks such as importing your data, setting up activities, and mapping out your learner journey—all in a day's work. We will meet your team every two weeks to facilitate each of the following tasks, document your LMS set-up and train our support team on the nuance of your training program.

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Investing in long-term relationships means complimentary onboarding services.

Agile Project Management

Project meetings every two weeks to ensure the project is completed on time and as you wish.


Importing all of your activities, activity content, and historical enrollments, along with selecting the activity settings and bundling them into learning paths.

Learner Experience

Customizing the learner experience, from branding to page content to user flow, while ensuring it remains mobile-friendly and accessible.


Connecting the LMS with your payment processor, while generating pricing models, promotional codes and more.


Activating customized certificates, badges, credits, and automated re-enrollments on the appropriate cadences.


Setting up the flow of all communication within the LMS, from automated notifications, discussion forums, activity collaboration, mentorships, and live chat.


Setting up integrations with your internal and/or specialized applications including ERPs, webinar providers, payment processors, analytics and more.


Visualizing your data by providing access to metrics pages, generating stakeholder reports, and integrating with external data stores.


Enforcing your required security and privacy by setting up your single-sign-on, user permissions, and account and security settings.

Ready to answer all of your questions.


The Thinking Cap team is known for going the extra mile to help our customers. To ensure they are familiar with your program, they start by joining the onboarding meetings. This helps them understand the reasons for your specific requirements. From this point on, they have the context to better assist you.

That's just the start. No need to pay for better support. Our premium support services are free with your LMS license, including phone support.

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Investing in long-term relationships means access to complimentary support for your admins.

In-house Support

Knowledgeable experts in-house, available by phone, email or online.


Meeting and exceeding your expectations, responding to all tickets within 2 business hours.

Live assistance

Choose how you reach out support team, based on your preference and urgency. Our team is ready to take your call, answer your email, or respond to your ticket.

Screen sharing

Need additional help? Our team can join screen-sharing sessions to assist you in applying changes to your LMS, or better understand a feature.


Our support team takes your feedback back to the team, including adding your suggestions to our roadmap.

Personalized training for your administrators.

Training and Mentorship

Our training team provides expert guidance and mentorship to help you manage the learning curve of adapting to a new system. These personalized training sessions, delivered over the course of your onboarding, will cover all the features of the LMS.

In addition, we have created an online mentorship website: The Lounge. This tool gives you access to LMS tutorials, webinars, resources, release notes, important announcements and more.

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Investing in long-term relationships means access to complimentary Administrator training and resources.

In-house Experts

Knowledgeable experts in-house, available by phone, email or online.

Admin Bootcamp Sessions

Personalized training sessions, with recordings to reference later.

The Lounge

Online resources including LMS tutorials, reference materials, updates, and more.


One-to-one sessions answering your every question... even training refreshers.


Regular webinars delve deeper into new LMS features, giving you a chance to see examples of how each could be used.

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