Thinking Camp

Thinking Camp location: Island Yacht Club

Every year, we round up some clients, friends, and ideas and hit Toronto Island to plan our next big thing.

All you need is one more good idea- Jim Roth

We at Thinking Cap deeply  value the thoughts and opinions of our clients and employees alike. We always want to hear their ideas, feedback, solutions and we consider them very carefully in our planning. The backbone of our products depend on their influence and leadership making us passionate about doing our best everyday. 

Pitching our tents

In 2008, Thinking Cap President Doug Wallace had an idea to create an environment that encourages  employees and clients alike  to speak their mind and to  feel comfortable saying, “I wish your product could…” With that, Thinking Camp was born. Every year, we visit  a retired schoolhouse on Toronto Island where a classroom reserved for Thinking Camp smells of fresh coffee and baked goods and abuzz with new ideas. 

Thinking Caps On

With blackboards ready, notebooks neatly piled and pens in order, the atmosphere is relaxed and set to easily flow with ideas. Doug begins the initial presentation with enthusiasm and passion about the industry and segues into a Thinking Cap session by writing down a topic for everyone to see: Thinking Cap products where are they now? , how do we envision them, how do we get them going? Clients and employees alike share what they would like to see. Ideas come from all directions and cover everything. No idea is left unconsidered, and all our appreciated.

Going into our 11th year!

 This free event has grown steadily each year. Attendees have come to treasure this event, and they know that they’ve been part of the road map development and contributed to something big. Do you want to be part of Thinking Camp? Join us!

And they keep coming back...

Spending time with the staff of Thinking Cap and the other users was invaluable to us as new clients, and first time LMS/Author users. We were able to hear where the company and solutions were headed and had an opportunity to discuss and truly influence the future. I truly appreciate how much power they are putting into our hands to self-service, and am really excited about the new innovations.

Josh Goldman
Senior Director for ACUHO-I

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